A Powerful Tool For


Worship Band in Hand's benefits extend far past live worship. It helps team members better prepare for rehearsals and includes tools to make them shorter and more efficient.

Rehearsal & Practice Benefits

Less Rehearsal Time

Team members now have a tool that helps them practice at home, giving them the ability to be better prepared for rehearsal.

Fill In Missing Parts

Did the bass player not show up? Or don't have one? Fill in the missing parts without missing a beat (or rehearsal time).

Isolate Parts

Isolate an instrument or part to help learn it. Then bring up the other instruments and mute that part to practice timing.

Loop a Section

Easily loop a section on the fly with the Loop button. This gives you the ability to dial a section a few times without stopping and starting.

Sync Set List

Sync the set list and arrangements* with other team members to keep everyone on the same page while they practice.

Improve Skills

Not used to playing with a click track or other band members? Now you can do this anytime to improve with the foundational support of a click and other instruments.

*Additional Subscription Feature