Choose the Parts You Need

Choose the
Parts You Need

Don't need to hear the Acoustic guitar? Just mute it. Want to hear a little more bass? One slide of your finger is all that's needed to take control of the mix. Plus, each custom mix can be saved for use again.

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Change Tempo & Key

Tempo & Key

With Worship Band in Hand you can change the tempo of the song to play slower or faster which can be a great tool for learning a new song or fit a mood in worship. You can also adjust the key up or down to fit your voice. *Transpose feature limited on some lower frequency instruments.

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Rearrange The Song

The Song

You are no longer stuck playing a song the same way every time. Drag sections to a new spot in the song, remove sections from a song completely, or add new sections into the timeline. This gives you great flexibility to adust the song how you need it.

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Loop a Section On the Fly

Loop a Section
On the Fly

Feeling led to repeat a chorus or need to speak over an intro? Tap the Loop Button and that section will loop until you're ready to move on. This is a powerful feature that allows you to be responsive to the moment. It can also help you practice a specific section of a song repeatedly.

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Add Texture with Pad Sounds

Add Texture with
Pad Sounds

Pad sounds on Worship Band in Hand can be used under any song in any key, without the need for click and tracks. They provide the perfect ambient texture for supplementing your sound, whether you have a single instrument, a full band, or something in between. Also great for transitions and prayer moments. Customize the synthetic sounds with Atmosphere Pads, or even the chord shapes with Dynamic Pads. Search "Atmosphere Pads" on the Buy Songs page to purchase.

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Shareable Set Lists

Set Lists

Put together Set Lists while rehearsing and they will be waiting for you when you go to play them live. All of your Mix and Arrangement settings are automatically saved for later. You can also share set lists with other devices*.

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*Set list sharing unlocked with In-App Subscription

Buy Our Songs or Upload Yours

Buy Our Songs or
Upload Yours

We have hundreds of songs available for only $9.99 that are recorded by professional musicians, giving you high quality sound. But if needed, you can also upload your own multi-tracks and use them inside Worship Band in Hand with a monthly subscription that covers our cost of hosting the tracks for you. This does require some audio editing knowledge to make sure that tracks are in the correct format for upload, etc. Specific information is available on the Custom Uploads page on the account menu. This feature is $6.99 per month.

Support for 5 Devices

Support for
5 Devices

Your worshipbandinhand.com account can be linked to 5 devices at a time for playing songs you purchase. You can sign-in to your account at any time and deactivate devices if you need to free up an authorization for adding another device.